Does anyone else love being a developer but find it so hard to find a company they love to work for?

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    yes and no, it'll get better bro :)
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    Yes. Relatively okay with my current employer. But I'm still getting fed up with them over time.
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    Here’s my rant on why I hate my job right now - https://devrant.com/rants/2375042/...
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    My username lol.

    Things are not bad as you gain experience. You have more say in things. You get some leverage. Things get better. Hang in there.
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    Most devs love their career but dislike their employer. It's common enough that StackOverflow's survey results commented on it.
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    Aren't we all looking for the job we've been fantasing about.
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    I found the perfect company with the perfect team. I actually love going to work, however my own lack of confidence is what fucks it up unfortunately.
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    Even butchers have this
    //Just saying
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    Ever thought about freelancing then? :)
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    @Creep I’d love the idea but have a mortgage and other financial commitments and it just scares me too much that I wouldn’t be able to fulfil those obligations.
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