The person from this story (https://devrant.com/rants/2236613/...) has returned!

It was 2 days ago. He sent me a message asking me if I could help him with something. I answered what was something. He answered:
"I need your help with my computer. I want to transform it in a desktop. Con you come over to my house?"
This time, knowing what I had to do based on the last rant, I answered:
"Yes, but since last time you were such a jackass, I need you to sign this document i'll send you, and then make a photo of it signed."
"Wtf? Are you really making me do this????!?!"
That document was only a page, but do you think he read it? If you answered "no", then you are right. He did not read a thing. And that was what I thought he would do. And this is why he will hate me tomorrow when I'll go to his house...

The contract he signed asked him that every hour of work he will have to pay me 50 euros. And that is why I will work as slow as possible... Tomorrow I will tell you how it went.
I hope that he doesn't read the contract for some reason...

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