Soooo i have just spent 4 hours "fixing" my 3D printer because my parts werent sticking to bed and fucking up.
I have cleaned the bed.
Leved the bed.
Replaced the nozzle.
Cleaned extruder.
Adjusted Unified Bed Leveling points to perfection.

Nope still not sticking. WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK ?
OK OK maybe the temperature is wrong. Even tho thats unlikely.
Set it higher so better chance of sticking. (200C to 210C).
Still not sticking.
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OK you know what. I need this small cube done so i will just replace the filament for silver one.
Print sticks just perfectly no issue at all.
It was filament the entire fucking time ? WTF ?
I have used the one that doesnt stick for month and no issues. WTF ?
You know what ? I dont care anymore.
I will just not buy that one anymore and fuck it.
Now looking at me 4 hours ago i should have tried different filament as second thing but oh well.
Now i know.
We learn from our mistakes after all.

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    I usually clean it with ethanol and then apply a thin layer of wood glue to the bed. Let it dry, and try printing. That really fixed the problem for me.
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    @Creep Thats not the real solution tho. You are just working around the problem. Prints must stick to the bed otherwise something is F up. Thats why i havent just added glue. Cause its just a workaround.
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    Masking tape is usually added, it's a common solution and is sometimes required by the manufacturer
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    @shoop Fuck no !
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    @Root Fuck no !
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    Those are fucking workarounds.

    @shoop manufacturers recommend it because they cant fucking configure the shit they sell. Good printer can print without masking tape. Heck it will print without masking tape if you havent F up.


    Jesus fucking christ i hate that shit. What should i add now ? Oh wait let me get my Hydrochloric acid and dissolve the build plate and print on that. Yeahhhhhhhh.

    Hairspray is piece of shit to clean and still only workaround.
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    @Haxk20 fuck yes you mean! Hairspray is AMAZING for 3d printing. Back when I was working on a project, the company that made our printer literally suggested us a specific brand of hairspray to use on the (heated) bed before each print. And it worked perfectly!
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    @endor It does!
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    @endor im not saying it doesnt work. Im saying its not a fucking solution. Prints should stick to bed if everything is OK.
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    @Haxk20 3D printers are capricious and fragile and time expensive. Sometimes things just don't want to work, or will go awry half way through an 8 hour print. But a little bit of hairspray, a cheap clear box, a hairdryer, etc. are all cheap, almost cheaty solutions that increase your success chance, and they work amazingly well. Even if they aren't "correct," don't knock them!
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    @Haxk20 Configuring devices to perfection is great, but if there's a way to increase the error margin why wouldn't you take it?
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    my uncle's comes down a smidge too far ald likes to scrapee the plate, which is the only reason he uses tape.

    He can't get a refund or a new one as it's "not a defect" when it's scraping the plate and the plate can't go lower.
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    As somebody, who is getting his first printer soon, I have to say, you just raised my fear levels slightly. :))
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    @Lasoloz oh, you'll soon learn how much time can be wasted over stupid little issues. It will definitely teach you how to be more patient. Or you'll burn the whole thing to the ground. Either way, good luck!
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    @Lasoloz The problems of a normal printer in a whole new dimension. Literally.
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    Abs sucks, my cheap prusa clone came with 4 pla rolls, with almost no calibration my first print was a huge vase with no issues at all, now with abs I struggle to print anything.
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    @ddoice abs needs heat and heated enclosure. Not having that and you wont print abs. Well you will but with warping.
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