My most recent one actually. We hadn't met in person yet, but they liked my LinkedIn, projects, and personal e-mail I sent.

The coding task involved taking a design of a mock mini-site and turning it into a Front-end web site / app. They provided all of the assets (images, videos, fonts), a video of the animations the site should have, and an Invision project so we can get more details on the design. Responsiveness was not required.

I was free to use any technology, library, and framework, but the final product should be in HTML/CSS/JS. They gave me 12 days, but I finished in 2 days and told them to call me "Amazon Prime" because I've got that 2-day delivery.

My technologies included:
ReactJS + EmotionJS + Redux with Immutability (unnecessary but showing off) + React-Snap.

My deliverables:
A GitHub repo of the project.
A build folder of the final product.
A live version running on firebase
And a cheeky lighthouse audit showing off the performance.

They are impressed with my speed and accuracy of the Front-end in relation to the design. The in-person interview took place two days after, but judging from their attitudes towards me, I could already tell they were deeply interested. Needless to say, I got the job. Contract signing is tomorrow.

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    On a side note, what really impressed me was the effort they made to actually make this challenge more relatable to the job. Rather than say, "Do these timed JavaScript problems" or "we're going to stare at you for an hour while you demonstrate your knowledge of APIs", they actually took the energy to create a mock design, with animation and videos, then allowed ample amounts of time for applicants to learn the technologies and techniques needed to build it. Class act right there, folks.
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    Would you mind sharing the code test with me? I think I will learn a lot from it.

    At the moment I am also hunting for another job. I'm in the dipshit realisation that I haven't learn anything (best practice, testing, etc.) from my current workplace... because those valuable things are not present at all (which is also why I want to leave).

    I need to learn from good examples. I need to catch up.
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    @ctrl-alt-del Hi! I wouldn't say this is a good example of testing practices, but here is the repo.


    Forgive the lack of a proper Readme. The available scripts should be in the package.json file.

    A link to the live site is also included.
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    That's so beautiful :') most positive post ive read today, keep the wholesome posts rolling and Good luck!!!!
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