It is really nice to be in this Industry I think. Currently I am writing on my Bachelors Thesis and applying for my first full time Job. I was invited to interviews by every Company I applied to. Except of one that hasnt answered till now, the 4 other companies wanted me to work for them. After kicking the 2 bad ones (first has only the legal Minimum of Holidays and the other one wanted to pay me extremly low), I have to contracts in front of me. One paying me a Little less but has 3 days more off per year and the other one paying me better and they let me talk About more Money earlier. Both giving me a new Notebook, phone and a Bonus depending on the total earnings of the Company. I am really struggeling which Company to choose bu I think free time is much more worth than a Little more mony

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    I don't think three days off is significant enough to choose over a higher salary. You don't know if you will use it up in the first place, at least in the higher paid one, you get the option for an unpaid vacation if you really need those three days. Compute your daily salary, convert those three days to cash and add it to your salary from the lower paid one then compare it to the higher paid one.
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    Take base hourly rate ($25?), multiple by hours per week (40?), multiple by 52 weeks ($52,000/year) and remove 3 days.

    Which one is better financially?

    Now scrap that...

    Which one has better internal growth?
    As in... which one can you go from a junior, to a mid, to a team lead / senior?
    Now scrap that again.

    Which one works with the tech you want to use and others benefits / culture you are ideally after?
    Pick that one.

    Ps: numbers in the first section are random based on pulling a number out of my ass only to give an example, fill in your own numbers and do the math.
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    @C0D4 Thanks for that idea. I did that and I added the time I Need to get to the Company and home each day and that makes a huge difference as the better paying Company is half an hour more away than the one with more time off. So with the lower paying Company I save one hour each day in public Transportation. They are even working with a tech stack I am already more familiar with so I can stand out more, so I may get a raise sooner
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    @4lan2ring as someone that used to have 2 hour travel time 1 way.. take the shorter one.
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    @4lan2ring I'd Take the shorter one unless the other company would pay WAY MORE. Long commutes eat away at my soul and increase my stress levels so I'd do my best to avoid them. Don't know how you feel about that though
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