You know how some folk can be, overzealous about rules when they are in charge of something..

Well, I found myself in a Facebook group which outlaws 'likes' !

I'm amazed !

Going back to Jan 22, I'll have to waste my time removing members that can't loose their social addiction to use the LIKE and emoji buttons. Viewing this page will still be available, but posting and comments options will cease.

I imagine that some new and current members will still disregard the rule. For our current members, nothing will change. Our 1301 membership will probably drop 90%. This will result in a more streamlined.

I really want to ask why, but I fear I'd be banned from the group !

I did suggest a way to automate the process, so I might get banned for trying to be helpful !

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    What is the point of even staying in the group (with your main account) if these stupid rules exist. I get where the idea came from, but that is still stupid to demand that on fb.
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    Maybe they dont know they can disable notifications
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    Humans love their control.
    They also tend to destroy everything they control.
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    The group has useful information in it.

    I tend to join anything like that.

    Though Facebook limits you to 6,000 groups, which is really annoying, what if I want to join 7,000 groups !
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    Some groups like, you can't pm anyone else in the group without getting permission from them in the group publicly first..

    Others you can't mention any similar groups.

    Some, you can't mention any product for anything !

    This makes it very difficult to have a one rule for everything in mind when posting..

    I'm reminded about a boat one, that doesn't like non-boat questions..

    (I don't have a boat, so I have to always ask things in a boat like way..)


    "What size bolt should I use to attach this chain to the surface of this wooden box, which I'm going to use to attach the other end to my anchor.."

    Rather than

    "What size bolt should I use to attach this chain to the surface of this garage door.."

    In the Facebook groups I run myself, my rules are very minor and folk are allowed to wander off subject to just about anything.

    As such in 10+ years, no ones ever been thrown out, and I've only deleted less than half a dozen abusive messages.
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    Save yourself the touble, and dont use social media, its a waste of like 95%+ of the time spent there.
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    I try to avoid using it for the 95% of the time I could waste and just use it for the useful 5% of time.

    Sadly there is nowhere better to go.

    If there is, please tell me !
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    I understand where the no like rule came from. It's a prevention method for crappy like-hungry posts that don't mean anything. I'd imagine it keeps the group free from s***posts, but it's really more of an idea for a new social media platform, not a group on one so centered around likes
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