Had to learn a new CSS framework in a few hours for a job interview / test.

Once I sent my code to them, they looked through it and told me it was amazing how quickly I could understand and learn how to use this new tool.

They hired me and today is my first day

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    CsS fRaMeWoRk MaTe 🙈😂
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    @karma Honestly you'd be surprised how different you have to think your code by simply adding a CSS framework, for instance for all the animations you have to work with keyframes instead of JavaScript code, it forces you to adapt to a working environment you're not used to and that's probably why a few hours seemed like a too short amount of time for it.
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    Good luck!
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    @Ranchu First job, finished my studies in September and I've been looking since then, finally coming back to work feels good
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    @santartine I know ... Did design for web for about 10 years... 👍 Was just atrollin
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