Kinda cool

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    Every time it's the depressing posts on top why
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    @shoop dev”Rant” :)
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    The line height of the username is too high
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    @010001111 there is too much space between the username and ++ counter?
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    why is the ++ outlined white

    ++/— not aligned
    ++/— should snap to the start if no profile can be displayed (no more empty ones?)

    content line height too low for readability/text skipping

    if the ++ plus badge for no-profile users should be color-less, remove the padding
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    @shoop no, to little. Use less line-height and try margin-bottom (.3em would be my first guess to try)
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    The line height should be the space between „nnnnnn“ and „yLyLyL“ (notice the vertical space the characters take up)

    then the user name + badge should be centered, which was also annoying
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    @010001111 honestly I feel incredibly stupid but it all seems aligned. I can see where you are going with the line height and empty avatars.
    And in any case, I agree that it is quite raw but at the stage you see on the picture, it has only been a week into development
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    No worries, the first comment was for the jokes, but I’ll be happy to give suggestions
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