Recently I made a telegram bot to get latest news and discussions from reddit about coronavirus.
Also it can give the number of cases and deaths in infected countries.

Stay safe!


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    Live news stream on the chinese final solution? In.
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    So which coronavirus is this anyway, and why is it such a big deal?
    The information i find on it is conflicting.
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    @SortOfTested that would be cool, i will look into it!
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    @sodaTab its for 2019-nCoV. Things went south really fast. Where I live is not as bad as China but the number of cases is also climbing.

    Not big deal in young and healthy ppl I guess based on news.
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    Was living in Shanghai during the sars outbreak. They're handling this one strangely.
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    Im the dark ages the plague killed more than 50% of the european population. Today thanks to wonders of medicine that don't happen anymore. Look how many problems humanity faces today. Overpopulation and thus climate emergency. Maybe Thanos was right? 😆
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    I had a very hard time seeing thanos as the bad guy.
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    nice jump on the hype train
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    "Satistic data"
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