I swear react navigation is made specifically to be as confusing as possible
There is NOT A SINGLE DOC that says what it actually does, like nothing on the internet tells me how it works. It's just the same tutorial from the docs pasted everywhere, and it doesn't even work. Why does everything have to be so fucking complicated? Why can't it be "I press button, now render this js file"? Why do I have to create a fucking fuckton of objects, whose purpose is unclear, write some arbitrary fucking functions which aren't explained anywhere, download like 500 dependencies and node modules, why aren't they installed automatically? Why is there no simple example, why is everything so fucking retarded? Why are people so dumb? Argh!

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    What do you mean with react navigation, react routing?
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    @Voxera I never even heard of react routing wtf. The module react-navigation
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    @shoop well I have not seen react navigation ;)

    React-router is a module to use url based navigation in a single page app and pretty easy to use.

    One thing though, usually with react or similar. Either you use normal pages that host react and navigate by goin to another page

    But often, you use different components instead and one way is react-router. In this case forget about js files, they are only used in import statements.

    After that you only use components.

    And changing page is just rendering another component.
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