How many CVs have you sent to get your first developer job?

Also, if you have more experience, how many did you sent to get your current one?

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    0 and 0
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    0, I was contributing to an opensvg driver project in the late 90s and someone asked me if I wanted a gig. A few forged signatures later and I was an employee minor.
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    First dev job was an internship in a sandwich year at uni. Applied to 5 or so places simultaneously, had offers from 4 of them. Things were probably less competitive back then though.

    Latest job, just applied to the one place as it was a good opportunity that popped up locally. Got it, so didn't send the CV elsewhere.

    If I were actively looking though, I'd likely send off the CV to any relevant position that looked like it might be a good fit, perhaps in blocks of 5 at a time (I find it too hard to keep track of beyond that) and go from there.

    If you find yourself sending off loads and never hearing anything back, chances are you're misplacing your skillset or shooting too high. Start working with someone who's done this sort of thing before, and tailor your CV / application to each position.
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    Like 50.
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    For the first I sent out 4. 2 never even answered, one was already filled and I got the last one.

    When I switched 8 months ago I never sent any. I just flagged as open for opportunity on linked in and then sifted through offers that came until I found one matching what I was looking for. Tock around 4 months.
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    0 and 0, sent a whole bunch to get my 2nd job though.
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    1 and 1. Been there for a year already ­čśë
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    It was around five or six sent CVs when I applied for my first job, but I believe it very heavily depends on the companies you apply to. Aim for smaller companies, not Microsoft, and you'll have no problem getting somewhere.
    About my current job, when I had a few years of experience, I sent four CVs and each of the companies wanted to hire me.
    My advice would be - get pretty much any programming job as your first one, and then, when you have experience, you'll have pretty much the whole world to choose from.
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    For my first dev job I applied to 8 companies, where the last one got back to me with an offer.
    Second job, I applied to 6 companies, got 6 offers.
    Third job, I applied to 0, had 10offers in my mailbox.
    Now I’m at my third job, and I receive offers every week.
    I’ve worked in 3 countries, my career has only lasted 4 years.
    I went from believing I could do anything, to knowing everything is a challenge I’d love to take on.
    My greatest experience has been to be humble regarding what I know and what I don’t know.
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    Well, 0 and 0
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    For my first job that started as an internship I applied to about 4-5 places. My current job came as an opportunity even though I wasn't looking at the time, so that's 1.
    That said, I plan on moving to the US sometime this year and the thought of trying to find a job there absolutely terrifies me.
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