This is how I feel every day. Has anybody felt this and have come out of this mindset? I would love to know if there's a way out of this.

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    Yes, I'm still looking for "the one" so I'm trying out different industries and sections of this field. Analytics seem to be it but not entirely sure, maybe in a police department or some shit but I also like space and stuff, whatever.

    Fuck this shit. *existential crisis* *cries with my mouth open*
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    With a grain of salt, I'd say either A, make a list and just dig into it, or B, cut yourself off from everything and do some 'soul searching' as they say.
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    From what I see this is about management encouraging workers to grow/specialize. That means management needs to understand knowledge work.
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    I think it's human nature to have a wide range of skills and interests. It's from the hunter gatherer age, where people made all of their tools, clothes, food, homes, and were always moving and dealing with the unexpected.

    If you're doing 1 thing that brings in all your income, what's the matter with doing 5 things that each bring in 20%?

    Doing "one thing" is just business culture trying to lock in employees.

    I hear you about being really good at one area. Just keep developing that area, and keep your other interests alive.
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    @SHA-16384 yeah! For example I'm love frontend and backend in Javascript, but I'm a pilot too... I love both things and I can't live without the two
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    This is the reason why I majored in Physics, I thought it is the best way to learn "everything". What I like about IT is I actually can "build" something and be more independent than with a lot of other jobs. Also I like to have a T- or fork-shaped skill set. Knowing a little bit about a lot of things and then being good at my specialties.
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    "Jack of trades master of some" is the way to go. Know just enough to be dangerous at most things. Specializing is just a way of locking yourself into one thing. If you want to have a hollisting growth, look at multiple T's. TTTT - the horizontal top part represents breadth of knowledge, the vertical is depth. You can't possibly be an expert at everything. Hence, know just enough to be dangerous
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    I am really good at everything I like.
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    @terriblecoder you're spreading misinformation/modified quote...
    Of course it's awesome if you know every area a bit, and are master of some areas, but the original quote is not about being master of many areas, but of one..

    Jack of all trades, master of none, often times better than a master of one.

    The last part is often ommited and causing people to think knowing something about a lot of stuff is bad compared to knowing 'everything' about certain topic..

    Personally I'd much rather know something about everything than know everything about one thing only.
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    @sladuled of course I made up the quote 😅

    Mastery doesn't necessarily mean that you have to know everything about that subject. For instance you could be expert at database, Java development and devops. But you know a little bit of Javascript to get by. You still have depths in multiple subjects.
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    i solved it by getting very good at having an all-encompassing idea of all the pieces and steps that go into making a complete something.

    i might not be the best in any of the steps or pieces, but i'm the best in understanding how they all fit together and why.
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    @Midnight-shcode Dude what a quote.
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