i finally am working as dev[ish] yay

also first thing in the morning the iMac with Win10 monstrosity that was given to me to work stopped turning on

how's your monday going?

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    iMac with Win10..
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    @rutee07 It gets worse, win10 has 45Gb of storage in it's partition. Windows usually recommends 40Gb just to work. It's a constant tug of war of me making the pc as barebones as possible so i can install stuff. Also i am currently working with multiple 1Gb+ databases from different clients.

    "We will find you a new pc" they say.
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    "You're paying for a full sixth of my time just getting this computer to work. Buying me a better computer will save you money."

    And if they argue, at all, follow with:

    "I'm tired of fighting against this thing. You will find be a better computer or I will find a better employer"

    You'll have your upgrade. 🙂
    (But only if you want to stay)
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    @Root wise words, but i like the ceo too much to be that aggressive OuO
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