I just interviewed for a role way outside my comfort zone. First time I’ve ever had to use PowerPoint to actually give a presentation as well.

3 full days preparing. Managed to not stumble my words. So happy now that even if I don’t make it to final interview, I know I can do this again.

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    @TheMavenMoses i tried and still hate and fear it..
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    @reij it helped that I had someone to help me prepare and tell me I could do it. Honestly never thought I could, but now I have.

    If I can do it, you can too.
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    @reij Just to follow up, I don’t know whether this would work for you, but it worked for me...

    I presented to myself in a mirror probably 20 times over the 3 days. I presented to my gf at least 4 times (she is very patient!).

    I felt like a complete idiot just about every single time and had crippling doubt throughout, but I kept reminding myself “it’s just talking. I’ve talked to people before”.

    I also said out loud “the worst possible thing that can happen is I stumble my words and look like an idiot. I’ve looked like an idiot before. Nobody will remember it except me after 2 days”.

    It was one of the toughest things I’ve done, but it was worth doing.

    The department head I interviewed with was himself a poor presenter at one point. Nobody ever starts out with the confidence they think other people have.
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    @StefanH maybe it would help will try, but in my experience nothing really helped my anxiety
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    @reij I think that anxiety will never go away, it’s just that you can eventually learn to work through it.

    I’m 40+ years old and it’s taken me all my adult life to even think about doing this.

    Maybe present to 1 person first. Someone you know. Present something you know about.

    I only had to present to 2 people, but it was still that nightmare of “these people are just looking at me, expecting me to talk confidently about something I barely understand and only had a short time to prepare for“.

    You can definitely do it.
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