You know what? I'm gonna rant about it because it's 2AM, I can't sleep from anger, and the pain from the workout wasn't enough to keep my head straight. I don't care if you read this. I just need to let it out.

You're a fucking dick. You have the biggest ego I've ever seen and what you did today had me holding back tears from rage and trying hard not to punch you in the neck. I don't see why that sort of shit is necessary when working with somebody.

Your team "borrowed" me. That wasn't my project, the client requested me to be there. Your first reaction when you thought the task was just a small change is "I don't think you can do it." It turns out, it was bigger than that, so why don't you volunteer doing it now? It turns out, you only worked on small tasks.

It's your project, you've been there for years. I was instructed to ask you how to set it up because you're supposed to know where things are. It's not like I'm asking you anything that can be resolved through logic or Google. All my questions are project-specific - which repository, how are you testing this, how can I set this up for this version you're using and the clusterfuck of microservices dumped into one place with 12 YAML files, etc. If you had a README file, I'll gladly read it. To be fair, you do but it's fucking empty.

I tried to set it up directly in cloud shell (Linux). I get errors about packages that aren't there, I resolve them one by one. Then finally, I'm stuck on the SDK. Your project uses an old version (when the new one has been around for 10 years) and you're setting a bunch of parameters from different configuration files that isn't part of the standard deploy so I ask you about it and your response is:

"What shell? The one on the internet? SDK? You don't need an SDK! I hate to bust your ego but you don't need an SDK. I don't know why you're doing that. If you just ran it on your local machine, it would work without additional setup."

Wow. Amazing response to a question. As if I did some hacky stuff and your assumption is I'm making things more complicated. It's almost like you didn't overreact. So I stayed calm and said, "Okay, I'll install your IDE on Windows and run it there." A few minutes later, same SDK error. Oh, I thought this is supposed to work locally without doing anything? It turns out, you made a lot of hacky dacky setup on your workstation and you forgot about it but hey, I have the huge ego. What do I know? My head is so heavy, I can barely see.

Realizing how wrong you were with your previous reaction, you attempted to initiate smalltalk. "So you use Linux in your previous project? Amazing." Fuck you, man. Fuck you and your dog smile. I'll keep it professional but I'll be asking the developers in the client side moving forward. You wasted so much time of my life and irritated the veins in my temples.

Finally, you say "Install the SDK" and in an attempt to shake your memory, I say "So you need an SDK" but of course, you have to look smart and say "Of course you need it, that's the SDK!"

When it started working, it turns out, you can only run the unit tests and you suggested I develop all of these with just unit tests. 30 minutes before the shift ends, you admit that you never got it to work. Wow, what a waste of time. Ego, huh?

Let's recap:
Your boss, the client, your fellow developers interviewed me and I passed all of them (technical exams, live coding, theoretical bullshit, etc.) including the exam YOU created. My first week in the office, you didn't talk to me even when the manager asked you to. The first time you talked to me, all you did was brag about how you taught everyone in the project, how you're the only senior there, talked trash about the managers, said everyone else is too lazy to learn by themselves, and threw it to my face that I wouldn't have gotten the job if you interviewed me. I've been there for like what? One week? I don't even have access to any of your shit. I wasn't even in the same project as you are.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt, maybe that's just how you talk, maybe I can learn something from you. I get it, man. The people around you are "lazy" and "stupid" and you taught all of them. Your ego must have inflated from all those people completely dependent on you so you assumed that everyone else is the same.

I've taught people myself but I've never treated anyone like that. I don't walk around the halls like they owe me their lives. I don't blow up on them and then humiliate myself because it turns out I'm terribly wrong.

I don't know what to make of this. It's either you're underestimating me or you've seen my previous projects and assumed I have a huge ego that needs to be broken down. I asked nicely but wow, what the fuck kind of reaction is that? I guess you busted your own ego.

Damn, fuck you. Three months of this shit and I lost my patience.

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    With coworkers like that, I'm amazed office buildings still feature the liability of windows.

    Fuck that human 🍻
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    This rant is so beautifully written and vivid that I started feeling like wanting to rape him

    Feel sad for you, man. Don't worry, though. He will be taught a nice lesson sooner or later
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    Damn. I wonder what ways there are to move that fucktard out of the way.
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    Take rest try to relax I know it'll be hard but try it. This thinking not going to help, your work do.
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    I really wish I could agree with you, I totally hope you're right. Seems like in this day and age people have never learned to be decent because they've never suffered any consequence for their shitty behavior.

    Call it privilege or trophy behavior or whatever, we defend shit-heels far too often.
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    @SortOfTested there is a time for everything. Just have to let it happen naturally

    And Karma is the best!
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    Hey man, wasn't @Root talking about a similar situation a short while back?

    Maybe she could give you some advice. Should ask her

    Here I am, helping, by volunteering others to do the work.

    Dude sounds like a massive blowhard fwiw.

    I'd invite everyone to a party, hype everyone up for a couple of weeks, and then last minute send him to the wrong location in bumfuck nowhere.

    He'll never forget it.
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    Damn dude, sorry to hear that - that's a really crappy situation. Only advice I have is to do as much as you can via email or IM to create a paper trail, and log every nasty comment (and wrong comment) along with a time.

    It sounds like it won't be wrong before you create a huge array of crappy stuff this dude is saying, and then you'll have a few choices - you can fire it at your manager, you can fire it straight at *him* and confront him on it directly (watch him act livid, just smile, might be worth the reaction) or go straight to HR (completely appropriate if he keeps saying uncalled for stuff about your ego, and how you wouldn't have got the job etc.) and file a complaint.

    Invite any colleagues who feel similarly to do the same thing, and this guy won't be there for long. He'll be way too much of a liability, even if he does have superhuman coding skills (which in my experience is unlikely - most awesome coders are rather reserved.)

    All the best.
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    @asgs He hasn't come to work for two days, since the day he embarassed himself. He worked remotely because his wife is sick. I don't like that karma but who knows? Maybe he lied about his wife being sick. Maybe he was actually raped by a guy with a blue bird on his shoulder and is too ashamed to admit it.
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    @rutee07 I'd be the proudest to make such announcements if I did
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    Wow. You're very patient. I would've found his manager or his manager's manager and told on him. Plus, I generally have a trail of emails to prove incompetence. That would annoys him enough to act out and actually get fired.
    He's incompetent and a narcissist. Not a good combo. Like, you are being super patient, I'd make fun of him in a public meeting and let his ego rest in peace&piece.
    Not saying you shouldn't be patient tho, I do it wrong all the time by losing my temper and making myself look bad. Be more political than me 😛 aka you're doing good. Keep going.
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