JWT auth + vuejs = headache

I swear vuejs is just making laravel more complicated at this point.

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    Does vuejs support interceptors? That + a service that handles token arbitration is generally the easy pattern for dealing with that client side.
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    Never had a headache regarding that

    But if you want to make your life really easy, implement GraphQL instead. Apollo's Vue cli install gives you everything

    After 1min my project was authentication ready with our GraphQL backend. I'm not even joking, our joke at my previous company, ended up being that I never really coded, I just installed things and that after one install I had done a full day of work
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    @SortOfTested if he use axios there is, and it should be easy, unless the backend is not following standards 😊
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    Feel you there. Demand moar docs 😌
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    That's not hard at all
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