Some motivation for the developers who had a series of existential crises trying to decipher a convoluted codebase with zero documentation.

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    This is my first meme post ever. Let me know if someone else has posted this here.
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    I expected something like
    "I don't know, as per documentation you aren't supposed to exist at all, but the universe had been running for a few billion years without a single crash so I'm not touching it."
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    Purpose of life is to eat and to fuck, and then die.

    #2 is optional though, so maybe just eat, shit and then die.
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    @theuser Also to occupy new niches (biological purpose) and to carry on our collective knowledge (social purpose).
    Space exploration and inventing new tech does serve a purpose in the biological sense.
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    @Lor-inc would have been a better dev joke
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    @theuser fix death and then you can fuck 24/7
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    @rutee07 haven’t seen this, lol its good!
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