Update to previous post:

Guy got fired, but I didn't get to see it. I've been sick with a flu and in bed.

Apparently he got mouthy at his boss and was flatly told that he will never receive a recommendation from their company and that of he continues to harass his employees he will make sure he doesn't work in tech again.

I wish I had seen it, if only just to say I had. Would have loved to see him buy into bossman's bluff.

The other half is relieved. I hate workplace drama.

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    Ask if there is an video.
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    Yessss! This feels good.
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    Hmm. I wouldn't qualify this as drama. More of a skin training. When someone is calling you names you have two options: get offended or shrug it off. I've been called gay before and from those two options took the latter because: A. I know I'm not one, B. I don't care for people's opinions, C. I don't like to be manipulated. Thick skin is a healthy thing to have. This could have easily went the other way around if there happen to be more than one antagonistic asshole at your office. I deliberately didn't say "misogynistic" because it's a general thing to consider.
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    @cprn If there were more, I would simply drop my contract and move on. I'm not their employee, nor do I care to work with assholes.

    I would say it is juvenile drama for name calling of any sort to go on. How you deal with it would determine your "skin thickness" in my book.
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    @SiinaCutie Sure. But you'll meet assholes everywhere. Some of them are sleeping agents that'll only activate in numbers of two+. In my experience it just pays to be aware.
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    @cprn luckily it isn't terribly common in my country, in my experience.

    Working in the US was the most awful experience.
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