I am a dev for about 8 years now and I just posted my very first question on StackOverflow and I am actually interested how this will go... I actually found everything on there until I got to this problem this week and never thought I would need to use a StackOverflow account for myself.
Wish me luck1

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    Get ready to be down voted and harased into oblivion. Just for you beeing new on stack overflow. 😄
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    Whatever you asked, I'm sure someone will translate it into jQuery for you no problem.
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    @odite 😂😂 dead ass
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    @Stuxnet that Brooklyn slang tho
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    How did it go?
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you
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    I remember my first stack overflow question back in high school

    The replies were just the kick to my overinflated ego I needed to become a better person/programmer. I really regret deleting the question out of anger after a week
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