Learning a new (to me) programming language can be easy and hard.

Currently using LaTeX to create a resume, and wanting to customize how a link looks, it's requiring tons of research, along with trial and error.

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    Mine CV (that is just a resume right?)
    Is just basicaly formated text with the most important points. It worked so far...

    Why the effort then?
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    The only fun part of the actual writing procedure of my BS (bullshit) thesis was customizing latex commands and adding new ones that made my life easier
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    @Gregozor2121 CV and resume are basically the same.
    I'm doing the effort because I'm currently looking for a new job (since my freelancing is slow and I kind of what to stop doing it), and my old resume design wasn't "21st century" and I thought it would be good to change it up a bit (but still make it easy to read for both humans and ATS (online resume readers for companies), and finally I needed to change a bunch of the wording on it (since I was repeating words and it just wasn't words that actuality reflected me). Hopefully all this effort will lead to a job or contact of some sort.
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    @don-rager I know this, my thesis work looked the same. 40% software coding, 40% LaTeX customization, 20% actual writing the thesis.

    But now I have a funky template, versioned with git.

    Can't give me that with your jumpy images, M$ Office :P
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    @DBX12 Love that it provides more customization than M$ Office.
    Completely forgot to create a git repo for this, but I will do that when complete.
    I was using M$ Word for my resume / CV but it was hard to customize (or required use of textboxes which links don't easily click)
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    While I would be the first to applaud your efforts of creating a résumé/CV in LaTeX (been there, done it), in this day and age I find it's not worth the effort because nobody wants to receive a printed CV. Best to find an austere template for Word or OpenOffice, and use that to create a PDF, then upload it to whereever it's needed so the machine parsing it will automatically get the sections right, and there will be no trouble with the keywords.
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    BTW LaTeX isn't programming language
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    @SomeNone I'm not using LaTeX to create a printed pdf (who even prints things anymore), I'm using it to create a PDF that the machine parsing can easily read.

    The problem with many of the templates in M$ Word or OpenOffice that they tend to use textboxes which make it harder to edit to be what I want. And some of the templates that I had used (in M$ Word) didn't turn out so good when parsed by a machine.

    I've also been reading about many people using LaTeX for their resume / CV I wanted to try it out for myself.
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