Can we please kill the "You just logged in" emails?

Each time I log into my brokerage or Google or Yahoo I get one or more emails along the lines of "Hey, you just logged in. If this was you, ignore this email. If not, well, suck to be you, I guess. Someone else has logged into your account. Just thought you'd like to know."

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    Hey just wanted to let you know someone just logged in on your devRant account
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    Hey just wanted to let your know someone posted a rant with your devRant account
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    Folks, you're getting sarcasm all over my keyboard.
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    @JustThat Ya know devant is just that about sarcasm...
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    @JustThat That's perfect normal for a young man of your age, there is no shame in it. Just don't forget to wash your hands.
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    Hey, just wanted to let you know someone has just done your girlfriend. If it was you then please ignore this notification. Otherwise we advice you to review your girlfriend's privacy settings and adjust your relationship status accordingly.
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    This is an automated message from your iLoo smart toilet.

    Someone has just left a log in your iLoo.

    If it was you, please eat more fiber.
    If you don't recognize this activity, we don't blame you. We wouldn't want to accept responsibility for that, either. Light a match, would ya?
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