I put my fingers into MY EYESSSSS.

I was losing my mind a bit because of that stupid task that keeps unraveling so I typed a part of the lyrics of some random song that came to mind. Sent it to a group chat where people are actively talking about random shit.

Just that one line, someone sang along, and now they're fighting about the artist, albums, concerts, and some musical existential crisis whatever the fuck that is. Then I left the group chat. Lol.

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    You cannot kill what you did not create.
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    Just realized I typed "put" instead of "push". Time to sleep.
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    I look at your master level trolling and think, THIS Is WHY THEY INVENTED the phrase "you think god stays in heaven because he roo lives on fear of what he created?"

    Really, this post demands a proper golf clap.
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    *Too not, not roo, derp

    Fucking autocorrect.
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    I'm a simple guy, I see Slipknot, I ++
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    don't put your fingers into your eyes without washing hands first, unless you want pinkeye
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