3 months of monero mining experiment on my server check.
Soooo if we dont count the one day it was offline totally in the 3 months due to ISP being fucking horrible and then electro provider joining in on the fun then well it was pretty nice.
I have made around 26$ 18 of which went to electro check.
I know you may now say but hey man that is not really amazing and worth it.
It making heat which i would have to pay for if i wanted it. Sure its not much heat but helps.
This heater is actually fucking free technically.
Heck it fucking makes you money.
So yeah server is staying on mining for longer as its profitable still. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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    Not that its problem to pay heat. I do not pay for it. Dad does but well 70C 2x Xeons can heat up the room to nice temperature where you wont have issues with just Tshirt.
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    @Haxk20 I'm really glad to see that your Ubuntu servers are up to the task. Well done, mate!
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    Just wait until the summer comes around, let's see how much more you'll spend in cooling your house down...
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    Unless you've got magic powers that spawn servers you haven't earn shit yet.
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    @cprn the money on my bank account says something different. I got the server at home.
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    @Haxk20 You're telling me your mining earnings already reimbursed your server cost? You might have it at home but somebody paid for it and now with every passing day its value decreases, if your profit doesn't exceed that value drop, you'll loose money when selling it. And it doesn't. Also every day this server didn't work providing a commercial service is a lost. I get it, it might have been a cheap/sale hardware or that you don't count hardware depreciation or possible earnings form provided services for simplicity but by all calculations it's impossible to earn money on cryptocurrency without a dedicated specialized mining machine nowadays. I didn't crunch your specific numbers but I'm pretty sure all you have there is an expensive heater.
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    @cprn I don't care about the server cost here. I didn't buy it for mining. It was just experiment that turned out to make some money as bonus cause otherwise it would compile and build most of the time which it also does now and we'll would not make any money. Hardware degradation ? Who fucking cares. It's made to run 24/7 at max. Either way the CPUs are cheap enough. And well if I wasn't mining and just building it would get degradated too. Here it's at least making something.
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    @Haxk20 What I'm saying is it's not "making money", it "limits your losses". There are more financially incentive ways to use it:

    * hosting game servers,

    * renting cloud space,

    * hosting e-mail service, etc.
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    @cprn I do not have a public IP and well I did not buy it to run VPSes on it. Even tho I could. And well public IP costs more per months then the payment for internet. Heck it's almost double. Nope.
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