Front end developer is overrated. They're just monkey coder who no need to think so much about logic, instead it's just http call to get and display data either in data or grid layout, that's about it, not a complicated job at all. Or pass data to api of users' inputs, that's about it.
Rant from as a front end dev myself.

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    @Letmecode I've tried from grunt to gulp to webpack. From less to sass, and for my family time sake fuck modular CSS. I learned react but angular 2 released, I used ionic but moving to react native. All I can say is this changes are overrated, what great apps that I've made with picking up all those fancy stuff? I once wrote ionic using jquery at least got over 5k downloaders in google play store.
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    The funny thing is that for a large number of projects the backend is basically the same, minus the IE bugs.

    Get api call from client. validate, read or store data in db, return data.

    On larger projects both frontend and backend can become a bit more fun.
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    Maybe you should try coding a complex application with advanced UI interactions in vanilla JS, in such a way that most of the components are loosely coupled, interchangable and find some valid use cases to make them generic as well. building your own responsive css framework and of course use that. It really is not that easy. And don't forget to add unit tests as well.

    Yeah basic front end stuff with all these jquery plugins and stuff like that is easy. Building advanced stuff in a proper, maintainable way is not.
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