Now the phone I'll be taking on vacation is broken, again. I paid for a new LCD just a few weeks ago and it's broken, again. I usually don't send electronics for repair. Sometimes it costs more to repair than to buy a new one but I really liked that one.

I barely even touched it after it was repaired because the battery has gotten bad too and I was planning to send it for repair again, but for the batteries. See how desperate I am to revive it? That's dedication beyond logic but the repair guy said I must have dropped it. I didn't, but then again why would he believe me? Hell, why would I believe him?

Whatever. I should probably get a real camera anyway. I just need to push myself harder to work on a sideline so stuff like this doesn't touch my savings. I overheard some of the technician's customers asking if he can <insert automation here>. Some are as dumb as Instagram bots to help their friend win a beauty pageant and others are more business-like. At least I got something out of that "social activity". Maybe I can make money out of this. I have a few scripts that I don't even bother pushing to my repositories. Who knew such garbage can mean something to someone?

Fuck this month. Be done with it already. I need more money.

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