The repair man and janitor for the devmatch arena.

The arena is made so you can resolve all conflicts without the passive aggressive slights and career sabotage. Have a problem with the BA? Send him an invite to the arena where you can bash each other's head in. You get to pick any weapon in the office. You can choke them with a mouse, hit them with a keyboard, make them eat and shit the keys then feed it to them again, sodomize them with a monitor, you can take one manager and one BA and connect their asses through a cable. You can invite a whole team from your favorite country and make your own human centipede! Using a kensington cable lock! Hooray, team building! Look at that bonding!

The repair man and the janitor cleans up the mess and repairs what could be repaired because as heavenly as this activity is, the project is still on a tight budget.

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