Fuck software thats locked behind, some kind of partner portal or some other kind of bullshit, for software to like devices as example, where the device is the product its self and not the apis.

The time i have wasted some of the days last and this week on contacting support is ridiculous. (at least at the end the support was pretty nice to give me access to what i needed)

Like all the problems i had run into the past few days, could easy been solved in like in a few hours maybe faster, if all the bullshit wasnt locked behind some partner portal, to understand the bullshit of locked behind" partner shit", i couldnt even fucking download the drivers.

It pisses me pretty much off, since it makes me look incompetent for wasting so much time, on something i know i could have done faster (this is my first apprenticeship so i really want to do a good job)

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