I've worked with US and UK developers, in my opinion they are ok. I like the most Indian developers, sometime a bit difficult to communicate but they deliver on time. No sure it's because they willing to burn extra time for their job.

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    I burn extra time but not for peanuts. The old saying time is money, is very apt when it comes to work ethics.

    If I have a client pay me 800£ a day I will do long days to keep the project on track if they pay 400£ a day it's a 9-5 regardless

    Guess I'm saying you get what you pay for out of me. Also the cost of living is higher in the U.K. And U.S. So they will less inclined to lose quality time at home for the same pay.
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    @philcr can't a 40bucks a day Indian dude code what you code in a day? I bet many are better, no offense.
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    @eldy The good ones tend to not work (atleast for long) at the outsourcing sweatshops though. If you are a good programmer you can work almost anywhere in the world.
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    @eldy I pedal my skills internationally and will attend a customers site when needed, I quite often work on site. I'll pick my phone up as long as I am awake, and will bust my nuts to make sure the customer gets what they want.

    It's part of service. You get what you pay for.

    I have worked with outsourced developers previously and not had good experiences. Partially delivered projects, projects that don't work and projects that are massively over deadlines.

    Everyone has different experiences with this stuff though.
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