Does anyone else experience this?

One of my co-workers regularly breaks his Dev. Environment [on purpose]. I know it’s on purpose because he’s been seen by others doing it and caught out several times.

He then plays dumb and pretends he doesn’t know why it’s broken, so he can sit there reading the web/personal emails and eating, doing no work.

This really pisses me off.

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    "AITA for calling him out?"

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    Promote him to contractor.
    Forget to give him contracts.
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    Wtf?! Even if he doesn't break it on purpose, how is that an excuse? If my dev environment is broken, I have to pull my finger out, figure out how it broke, and get it working again ASAP. There's no magic "dev environment fixer team" anywhere I've ever worked who fixes your environment while you play minesweeper and go through Tinder notifications...
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    Should just take a lunch break
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    The guy who sits beside me, his backend is never working. If by some unfathomable miracle his backend starts working there will be issue with his laptop and gets it changed by the IT team and re installs the entire setup. Then repeat the cycle.
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    @AlmondSauce exactly, that’s what I do. He sits there installing stuff over and over or the time I caught him, he disabled flags in the ide and pretended that he didn’t know how it happened, this project takes a while to build, so he would just build it over and over and while it’s building he could take a break. When I saw him doing it I quickly fixed his issue but he wasn’t too happy about it.

    He should be fired, but it’s not my decision.
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    So no one's asking him about the missed deadline?
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    My manager has seen him doing it, asked him what’s up and he then blamed the guy sitting next to him, said he’s distracting him.

    So my managers answer was to let the other guy work from home 2 days a week.

    The guy has then still continued the same behaviour, my manager has constantly been asking him why his jobs are taking so long, but he just gives excuses and the manager seems to buy it.

    I swear It’s like being back at school, sometimes
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    Wtf, shouldn’t an engineer be able to troubleshoot their dev environment?!
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