I'm so sick of this task.

It's been three weeks now and I have the same problem as last week. It's very frustrating to have my name on this. I could have finished this in a few days if there weren't so many dependencies on other people or if those people would at least care enough to validate their work. I worked on more complex tasks and the most annoying part is knowing how easy it is but still being unable to finish it. I'm tired of attending stand-up meetings and giving the same "update" over and over again.

The team lead who borrowed me (team 2) messaged me yesterday asking what's holding it up. I told him I'm stuck with this thing that I need and that I already reached out to someone to get it so he already knows it's not my fault it's taking so long. Keep in mind that I cannot "just" get it myself, I would if I could, but imagine logging in and then paying right away. What items are you paying for? How much do they cost? It's a chain of events involving different teams.

Last week was spent with a team (team 3) that wouldn't respond to follow-ups. It came to a point where my original team (team 1) and the team who borrowed me (team 2) were all in the same group chat as team 3's lead. All for this one small fucking thing that I need. They kept saying "It's fixed" when it's not and I spent hours taking and sending screenshots to say "It's not there, seeeee?"

Finally, they made the changes last Friday after my work shift. Someone else from the team I'm working with (team 2) validated it, "Yep, it's fixed. The thing is there now." Now someone from team 2 has to make the changes to their API so the thing would appear in the response and then I will call that API to get the thing. While I'd love to volunteer, it's a completely different task assigned to a different developer and since I'm just borrowed by this team, I don't have access to all of their code except this module I'm working on and cannot assess the impact of making the changes. Not to mention that I would have to learn their entire process which I've already proven they are not really sure of themselves.

Why do I need to learn the entire process? Isn't that overkill? Glad you asked. I had an amazing on-boarding during the first week while setting up their shit and got a lot of "You need these first" errors, none of those things are committed to the repository, some are but are in different branches that I couldn't have guessed. Just refer to the previous rant.

So the smartest move is to wait for them to make the changes to the API. I told team 2 that I'm getting an internal server error with the API. They re-deployed and it works but after testing, the thing I need isn't in the response. They said they already made the changes to get the thing. It's not there. Now this guy I'm talking to follows up again with the developer who's working on the API and while all of this is happening, they decided to change the requirements. Team 2 is having production issues and my concerns are of course, not prioritized.

My team lead (team 1, the original) is obviously pissed off by team 3 from last week and now my team mates (team 1) are annoyed at both team 2 and 3 because of their broken applications and processes. Team 2 also made changes in their application without proper communication so the team 1 developers are affected.

I just want all of this to be over so I can return to my original team.

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