Bought my wife a new laptop. She's a windows user so I had to go that way.

First, windows 10 now requires you log in to a new installation using a Microsoft login. You can remove it later but you need one to start. <gnashes teeth>

Then, because I chose to use a phone number to set up the Microsoft account, it created the home folder using the first 5 digits of the phone number, including the 1 country code for USA. <gnashes teeth #2>

Finally manage to get the initial set up out of the way and go to copy files from her old laptop which I can see in the "Network" area in explorer but when I click on it am told it doesn't exist <gnashes teeth #3>

Eventually realize that something needs to be shared on the old laptop so the new one can "see" it.

All the while I kept muttering, "Why the fuck does Microsoft make everything so simple so damned difficult?"

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    1. you don't need an online act for win10. there is an option to use an offline act.
    2. yes. smb3, and windows filesharing is realllllly annouying to setup.
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    1st part completly avoidable, you can skip the microsoft account bullshit.
    2nd part because nobody is mental enough to touch smb3 or file sharing in general under windows, that shit is gonna survive the heatdeath of the universe.
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    As already pointed out - you can create a local offline account ... if you hit the jackpot with an older Windows version which doesn't offer you the option for offline account then simply not connecting to the network forces windows to offer only creation of local accounts.
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    @magicMirror offline account now requires you to set "security questions"...
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    wait until you use the windows search
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    This is why you should be using Linux.
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    Yeah, I ran into this horseshit trying to setup windows for someone else. Had to not connect to any networks during install. Then it doesn't force this garbage.

    The Windows 10 user experience when installing is a ball of donkey dicks wrapped in elephant shit.
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    @kescherRant you can bypass that by not inputing any password and setting it after the initial login.
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    All your points are simple false.

    You can install Windows 10 without ANY online account. Done it about 2 weeks ago with 0 issues.
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    @magicMirror offline account only shows when disconnected from the Internet else it requires an online account.
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    @magicMirror #1. Not anymore. Used to be you could click "Create a new account" and then "Use a local account instead." That doesn't exist in the version of Windows 10 Home that came with the laptop
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    @NoToJavaScript Did you connect to a network like it prompts you to? I experienced exactly what he was talking about. Then I cancelled the install and chose no network option. Then I experienced what you are talking about.
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    @Demolishun Yes.
    I was setting up a “gaming” pc on work.
    So, on network (Ethernet, not wifi), but I didn’t want ANY office 365 or other logins (basiclly anyone can boot it to play with very strong password “123456”).
    It takes some clicks on a VERY SMALL text link (Not even a button) tho and not obvious.
    Updates, activation, everything worked fine.
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    @NoToJavaScript Not in my experience. And I didn't say I was installing Windows 10. I said I was setting up a new laptop which came with Windows 10 Home already installed.

    Appears my mistake was being on the Internet while trying to complete the initial set up.

    Never crossed my mind.
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    @NoToJavaScript How old was your install media?

    Seems Microsoft removed this option.
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    @JustThat It probably depends on what damn image was used for the install. They keep changing it.

    Also, I wonder if the license has an effect on this. I have been installing home versions. It could be plausible a pro version has more options.
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    @JustThat @Demolishun

    Oh wait. Maybe it is only option for Win10 PRO. What version were you trying to install ?

    Edit, just saw the answer. I don't now for Family. I always use PRO
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    @NoToJavaScript Yeah, also, my guess enterprise versions don't have to deal with this crap at all.
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    @Demolishun Best decision ever : Buying Windows 8 PRO for 35$ (They had offer for like 3 months), then free upgrade to Win10 pro.

    I think I never installed a family version. I don't even know what differences they have.
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    @theKarlisK But why do we always have to bypass some bullshit?
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    I'm reminded of slipstreamed OS installs.

    Related link:


    I've tried making my own in the past, they never worked right..

    As such a good copy saves a lot of headaches, even if you paid for the OS !

    I'm reminded since the latest versions have issues installing into SATA drives, even if you feed them the drivers at the correct time..
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    @kescherRant because windows. I think that despite all the improvements windows 8 and 10 are worse than 7. There are too many workarounds needed to get windows 10 running like you want or need to and it can randomly undo all of your tweaks / workarounds or even just break on a whim because it's so painfully online-dependent.
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