It's fantastic how you blame me, the back-end developer, for the things that the manager, business analyst, and front-end developer missed.

The front-end developers didn't make the user interface and admitted they didn't get to do it and outright forgot about it due to workload, oh it must be the back-end guy's fault for not asking them. You, the manager, have no fault here at all. Why are they overloaded again? And they, as the developers who totally missed out, were just innocent creatures who "were not informed".

The business analyst admits that he thought I was the front-end developer even though I corrected him during the first meeting where he said, "Oh okay, so Rutee is the back-end and <this other guy> is the front-end." EVEN THOUGH every day, we have a meeting and you see my JIRA ticket in all caps "BACK-END". Ever thought about asking? Then the manager comes in there and says, "No, it's not your fault. We as a team should take responsibility. That's how smart teams work." And yet your fucking face, I hate your face, man, and your fucking insinuations. I swear you're all just looking for a scapegoat, now it's making sense why you borrowed me.

While I'm doing my job here minding my own task and knowing that shit has been assigned to the proper person, the manager, business analyst, and other developers who's been in this project for years never bothered to ask for updates regarding the front-end until now. Why is back-end making noise the past few weeks? Because someone is WORKING on it. Someone is RAISING issues. Someone is CLARIFYING the requirements.

I had my own problems. Your requirements are severely lacking, your setup fucking sucks and doesn't fucking work, there were issues and dependencies from several other teams, and now it's my fault that I didn't ask about the front-end? How is that? I create the API, you fucking call it. If anything, you should be asking me about the endpoint but I guess I have to do EVERYTHING and know EVERYTHING in this project where I was just borrowed and I'm technically the new guy here.

I guess it's a "let's blame the new guy" game around here. You can hire the most senior of all developers you can but no one can ever just guess or read your fucking minds. You can't just put someone in one project and expect them to know all your processes, your repositories, your developers, your fucking uncommitted code changes THROUGH EXPERIENCE and PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY. This has nothing to do about proficiency and being proactive. I can be proactive TO AN EXTENT. I can't do YOUR job for you.

Jesus fucking Christ. This project is so disorganized and yet you can't acknowledge that. Then I would get an advice from someone else that we should have talked while front-end is there. He WAS, he's even on the invite. Every fucking time shit hits the fan, you all get a week to fix something and I get a couple of hours or a day. Issue two weeks ago? Resolved Friday after my shift, yet I managed to deliver the next morning. Issue last week? Resolved Friday afternoon, yet I managed to deliver before end of day.

"This is the first time this happened." I highly doubt that. You just want to correlate my *new* presence to your failure so you can insinuate that the new guy is to blame. Your team sucks. Your management sucks. "Oh, that's just how he manages, he tells you the end goal and it's up to you to THINK what you have to do." I did THINK but why the hell do I have to THINK for them or for everybody else?

So yes, another rushed deadline. Another excuse for the slacking pieces of shit, "Oh, I can't do my job because back-end doesn't have this other endpoint I need for this one. Guess I'll go home." When did you say you need another one? "Just now. But you should have known earlier if you asked." IF I ASKED. At what point of my life would I randomly ask, "Do you need this endpoint that isn't part of the requirements but does this/that?" where "this/that" is some functionality I know nothing about because it was never discussed.

Seriously, fuck you and your fucking requirements. You fucking lazy pieces of shit cunt whore motherfucker. I hate all of you. You ruined my entire fucking month. How do you expect this to be less chaotic when you defend the slackers and punish the ones who actually do their jobs and use them as scapegoats?

Three more fucking days, man, and I'm out of this shit. When I get back, I hope you don't bother me with this shit anymore. Your mom's a hoe and I'm accepting calls from recruiters anyway.

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    I'm going through something similar right now. I had a ticket for setting up a simple React App and then suddenly they spected me to finish a whole f*cking app translated from legacy code into a React app. Even though I told them that React is something I did on my spare time and not professionally. Then the team lead orders me to do things that are not React related like setting up https for backend and frontend, change templates for legacy code monolith and sends me a fucking list of 32 items to finish on a Fucking friday at 5pm. Even though I contacted him on Friday at 8am to see what was missing. And I get yelled.
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    @nachocode Yell at them back. I'm just waiting for someone to throw the first punch here. Sadly, the people are masters of passive aggressive bullshit.
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    The last line made be laugh but some of this hit home.

    All you can do is your job, the best you can. If they aren’t happy with that, then fuck them.

    If they have a go at you, tell the straight, how it is.

    Start documenting everything, every conversation you have make sure you follow up with an email or whatever job management system you use. That way you have proof that you did your due diligence and they can’t pin everything on you
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    How do I know that organizations management is useless? "Forgot to do UI" was first clue (how is that even possible). Second clue was having an issue with the title "do back end". 6th graders doing a book report have a better idea of project management than that indicates.
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    Managers only say "it's the team's fault" when it's actually their fault.

    Sounds like you were "borrowed" as a scape-goat with the title of "back-end developer". No-one in their right mind would think it's back-end's job to make sure front-end is doing theirs, that's madness.

    Keep answering those recruiter calls, and actively look for other places to apply. You deserve better.
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    @monkeyboy I told the developers from the team I'm originally from and their reaction is similar - what the fuck?

    The meeting was a tragic comedy, I swear to god. They were pressuring me about the deployment when I don't even have access to deploy and then the manager asked, "Who's working on the front-end?" It was pure silence. Then he said, "Don't tell me no one's working on the front-end." And there is no one working on it.

    Then the developer who is supposed to be responsible for it denied responsibility and acted like a hero by saying, "I'll take this one." Like "Hey, no one's doing it. I'mma volunteer." Is he serious? The task was literally assigned to him four weeks ago! Manager asks, "Have you done it or are you just about to do it?" Shit unraveled from that.

    If projects were rock bands, this would be one the "greatest hits". I can't wait to get the hell out of here.
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    @AlmondSauce I've been thinking a lot lately if maybe I'm a sociopath who's incapable of holding down a job but every time I vent to other developers and they understand my frustration, I realize that maybe I just haven't found "that job" yet. I really hope the next one isn't this bad.
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    @rutee07 FWIW, the only way to "win" in those situations is to be the one who owns Jira, knows what's going on and keeps it as the single source of truth. (Effectively, you take on the role of scrum master / manager as well as dev, because your actual manager is incompetent.)

    That way when your manager says "who's working on this", you check Jira and say "look, it was assigned to Mark 2 weeks ago - Mark, can you update us on progress?"

    The only excuse Mark then has is saying "oh, I don't really look at Jira" - and then you just use the "come on, as a team, we need to *all* be using Jira properly!" line - and Mark looks stupid. He looks doubly stupid if it happens again.

    Kinda besides the point though, because it should never happen if your manager is managing properly, and he clearly isn't. It worked in my case, it saved the project - but it was a boring faff, and I only did it because I really didn't want to move elsewhere at that time.
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    @rutee07 Only other thing I'd say is make sure you try to ask questions in future interviews to work out if the company culture means you might land in this situation in future. If you get a nasty hunch / feeling, run.
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    @AlmondSauce That's another one, they don't know how to fucking use it properly. An issue can be "Blocked" forever and no one updates it with the correct status or comments. Also, the BA creates one epic and then the developers create their own sub-tasks from that so everyone is expected to move on their own but that also means that if a developer doesn't create his own sub-task then "technically", there is no such task. They live in a fantasy world where everyone is responsible and will do what's right.

    The annoying part is this insanity has been going on for years way before I was here and one of the senior developers (lead) seem to agree to this process. The funny part is he admitted to me before that there are days when he doesn't sleep at all just to keep up. It made him knowledgeable about the process but it's not sustainable and I definitely wouldn't follow suit. It's like he accepted slavery because his masters were rewarding him for it.
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    @rutee07 Yeah, if you have no system like Jira to rely on, management are majorly screwing up. Doubly so if they're not recognising it as an issue. I'll haul any devs on my team into a 1-1 for a "friendly chat" (at least initially) if they're not using Jira properly.

    And oh heck no, don't follow suit with not sleeping to keep up. I certainly didn't. I probably did 50-60% less dev work just to keep Jira in track in my example - and if I was ever questioned on it, I'd just ask if they wanted me to do a bit more dev and leave Jira in an unmaintainable state again, or carry on as I was.

    They once decided on the former (wrong) option, and quickly regretted it when no-one had a clue what was going on by the next week. By then they were practically begging me to get it in shape again.
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    @AlmondSauce I agree. Most people still need someone to lead them. They're lucky they have someone who does that in your project. I remember doing that in a previous company and it was boring as fuck but at the same time absolutely necessary, otherwise no one moves. We need more Jira heroes. Lol. :D

    I'm excited to go back to my original team and make sure this kind of horror never happens to us. I already have a few improvements in mind but I'll definitely leave this project entirely when I get a better offer.
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    @rutee07 Oh yeah, it's boring alright, but it's necessary for *someone* to do. I personally think the scrum master should always be a dedicated person, but hey, don't always gets that.

    That reminds me though, definitely ask "Do you have dedicated scrum masters / agile coaches?" In future interviews, and if not, ask who fills that role. If they answer yes, fantastic. If no, then that's still ok if they've got a very clear idea of who's responsible for that role. If they squirm when you ask the question or give a vague answer, you're way more likely to end up in this sort of scenario again.
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    You made me miss @AlexDeLarge 😒😒 he would have some very colorful words to describe these guys.
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    @NoMad What's been playing in my head the whole time was @Fast-Nop 's rants about the IQ of the average front-end developer. :D
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    @rutee07 I can't find it... πŸ€”
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    @Fast-Nop πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Not colorful enough tho. Alex would go for something like "most they can manage is to tickle my sweaty balls while licking my hairy buttocks" or whatever awfully sexual and derogatory thing he could come up with to picture an absolute stomach turning yet funny scenario.
    May he live a good. *sigh*
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    @NoMad Sure, but emulating Alex would dishonour his heritage. ^^
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    @Fast-Nop his heritage could be kept if only he didn't delete all his rants/his account. Unfortunately, he's now only a myth.
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    @NoMad “Some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand rants, Alexο»Ώ passed out of all knowledge.” (Galadriel)
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    @Fast-Nop Sex is good and all, but the IQ of the average front-end developer..

    I'll see myself out.
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    the tag reminded me of that one time i yelled "I CAN'T FIX MAGIC DAMMIT" so loud the neighbors called the cops (back when I had neighbors ofc)
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    @Parzi What did you do to your neighbors? Did you "fix" them with magic?
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    @rutee07 a program i was debugging pulled file handles out of thin air and i needed to know where these files were. They were out of such thin air Procmon even missed 'em.

    It was also 3AM at the time, so I missed that it literally read the FAT and manually read the file.
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