Friend: OMG are you hacking ?

[sudo apt-get update] running

Me: Yes. I am.

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    You are, according to the original now mostly dead interpretation if the word.

    Hacking was playing with computers.

    Breaking into things was Cracking.

    But popular opinion has hijacked the word :/
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    Don't forget, never forget!

    Green font over black background.

    Works. Every. Single. Time.
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    @bladedemon and then run "tree"
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    @Voxera Yeah, then did the whole black hat hackers vs white hat hackers thing. It just diluted it all to meaningless drivel.
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    Just find hackertyper in Google
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    @Voxera hacking is using something in ways it was not intended. Does not have to be a computer.
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    I had a talk with the general manager friday. From 3 to 4. Went home afterwards. Checked at home some stuff from the talk. Appearently i have a bore out. Great!
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