FUCK mailing lists! Fuck them to death.

They're a barely structured, convoluted, piece of shit! I fucking hate them!

Oh look! 10 search results from a mailing list "archive" with the vague error message I'm receiving! Oh look! All of them are the same question that repeats as the email got quoted on the replies! Oh look! No information was exchanged just the equivalent of "hurr-durr did you try turning it off and on again?"... no wonder the communication abruptly stops - the author probably realized how God damn dense you have to be to use a mailing list post-2000.

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    Yeah, definitely rare to find one with good standards.
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    @PublicByte I've had the opposite - the average redhat bugzilla thread will be more informative, even if it has been marked as solved with a release back in 2012. On the other hand trying to dig through a mailing list is like trying to get directions from a chimpanzee. Every time I came across a search result pointing through a mailing list it's been a fucking chore to just get to the bottom of it... and always only to find out it abruptly ends with no solutions.

    In comparison, the average tracker on GitHub, GitLab or Stack Exchange always contains all the replies in the same page and keeps the topic contained. And even if the problem has remained unsolved without answers, at least I can find a different page instead of 20 results pointing back to the same mailing list.
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