Non-dev cringe. How diversity hires look like (gym presentation).

It was crowded in the evening. I've been training for an hour and on my last set of bench press. I'm exhausted and my arms are starting to shake. My coach knows this so he's holding the dumbbell by the ends while I still try to push and pull, just in case my arms give up.

In the middle of our training, this woman walked in and just started disrupting people's workout by constantly asking for help, permission, and just small talking guys while they are lifting weights. Now I don't know what kind of porn she's into but she's doing one of those gym porn scenes where the girl acts really dumb, flirts, and fake laughs. All sexy in porn but I now realize, boi it looks painful in real life.

Keep in mind, this is not a membership gym and this is my personal trainer. He's generally a nice guy and I have no problem with him helping others out during our sessions but this girl would ask for help right in the middle of something instead of waiting for our breaks and at some point, my coach stopped smiling because the girl has been treating him like an assistant and you know that thing that women do when they want to abuse you? The giggles and shit. But it looked awkward because he's married, uninterested, busy, and the girl doesn't even do anything, she just "hangs out".

She then moves on to this other guy who's in the middle of lifting weights and asks for permission if she can work out beside him. She giggles, the guy doesn't and he just stares straight into the mirror in front of him checking if he has the right form. She faces the mirror, does a few squats, thanks the guy for god knows what, and then walks out of the gym. This was during my cool down and they were right beside me so I can see/hear them.

I don't know what was on her mind. Maybe she's ovulating or some shit like that but it's very hard to focus when someone tries to talk to you while you're in the middle of something. Even the horniest guy at the gym would find you annoying if you can't wait for them to finish a set before asking for shit.

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    Being confident is sexy. Being an attention whore is not. Figure it out.
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    Idk if the situation was that bad or if ur just interpreting it that way bec of the mood you were in at the time , hope u don’t actually look down at women like that all the time.
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    @YasmineOweda Yes, 'cause women can do no wrong. Anything bad they do is imagined or a misinterpretation and just telling the story of what happened where they are the source of inconvenience is sexist.
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    So you're trying to say all people hired based solely on their demographics are incompetent?

    I'm sure that isn't true.

    But, at the same time, I disagree with people being hired without proper experience or aptitude just to check a box on some social tabulation.
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    @rutee07 the way you interpreted my comment and how u chose to reply just proves my point more tbh
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    According to your profile you are Johnny Sins, so maybe you just mixed up your workplace with a real gym?
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    @YasmineOweda Okay? You're the one who came in with assumptions but okay..?
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    @JustThat Not really, just what most of them "look like" or how they often appear to others. Your second paragraph is more in tune to what I'm trying to say since the subject sort of just exists in one place without experience and is obviously there not because they genuinely care about the "work" but because they are given the privilege to just show up and sometimes be an inconvenience to others.

    The second comment in this post proves the point that when you raise issues about an individual from "that" group, you are assumed to be sexist, racist, or whatever.
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    @jsframework9000 Probably. I hate it when that happens.
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    @rutee07 Agree. The second comment seemed to miss the forest for the trees.

    Then again, I'm a white male so I'm sure I'm not seeing this as others would.

    Still, never been a supporter of the idea that someone should be given a position they aren't qualified for because they weren't given the opportunity to get qualified for it earlier.

    I think we're fixing the wrong end of the problem.
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    Not sure how exactly this (analogy) would translate in an office but as a **PoC**, I would surely get annoyed at *anyone* acting like that woman in your gym scenario (re: the zone and stuff).
    I can't speak for everyone, let alone white folks, but I would also find it *problematic* that raising issues/concerns about a person from an specific demographic would be automatically deamed ethnophobic/racist/sexist/...

    Obviously, if the person who raises such issue do it in a way or has been known to have opinions that would align with a discriminative behaviour, then sure, it would be justified.
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    how in hell do you think this is related to IT?
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    @arcioneo Have you read the first sentence?
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    Equivalent of that, is the male attention whore who starts lifting real hard with very noisy breathing pattern (which just demonstrates how he's struggling) whenever he sees a chick in the gym minding her own business, and then proceeds to move closer and be more noisy while you ignore him, as if he can win you if only he could have your attention.
    Urghhhhh people suck one way or another.
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    @NoMad The subject in this case just happen to be female. If it was male then there'd be vasectomy jokes. The guy you described deserves a dumbbell thrown to his face, better yet to his balls so he never multiplies, ever.
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    @NoMad Ah yes, the guy who lifts more than he can handle without proper form
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    Hrrmmm... I smell some toxicity here...
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