I’ve been writing a node.js service that automates kubernete commands so users aren’t having to constantly call for newly generated pod names and then container names and so on so forth.

For instance it would ask you if you want to delete a pod, Exec into a container, fetch logs on a pod. It would list all namespace, pods and containers for those pods for you to pick from by just providing a corresponding number.

With this kind of service assist anybody who is constantly having to restart, delete, fetch logs and delete with Kubernetes?

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    What? why?
    Can't you use the k8s dashboard? - now with dark mode!
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    @magicMirror it’s just a CLI alternative. I think we can both agree devs have chosen CI alternatives over GUIs for many many years. When running a delete command every 3 minutes, I don’t want to navigate with a GUI
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    it would be very useful for debugging purposes on natively-developed k8s app

    also useful for devops ofc
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    @pvtmert glad to hear that I’ll keep you posted
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