So it was just announced that a lot of people from places such as schools, educations, and a lot of workplaces will be in quarantine for like 2 weeks.

Literally everyone from my old place i was "working at" basically got 2 weeks "of holiday" as well as my entire familiy expect from my dad due to this overhyped fancy flu called coronavirus.

So yeah its fucking great to know i have to work for a salary with a ridiculous tax rate, while everyone i know gets 2 weeks of relaxing time.

To understand the bullshit, get that my salary increased by 100% from the last place (was pretty shit before, but is pretty good now) so to understand the bullshit
(in the raw amount itself, i calculated that the amount i pay is 5x the amount as i paid before) so by the end even with 100% increasement, i barely get like 45% extra in my own pocket.

So yeah i have to work and still being "considered" a slacker by this "great society" while everyone can just relax and get paid for it. (not that i mind i have to work, i actually love it and the place i work is great)

I find it fucking funny how the government first thought about it could be a problem now, but didnt mind that our fellow citizens that returned from china and infected areas in italy etc, just freely could walk around.

I cant fucking wait for this coronavirus hype to die out.

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    I am probably lacking on my reading comprehension skills my dude, so work with me. Is the issue here that you don't get the same extra time that everyone else is getting?
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    @AleCx04 i think its a 2 in 1 rant broken up into three pieces. The center section is about how his new job put him in a higher tax bracket so the 100% raise he thought he was getting only amounted to 45% net.

    The first and the last sections are about how the bastards at the job he just left are getting two weeks paid vacation while his new job is ignoring the virus and making him show up.
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    @M1sf3t you ma boy! i think it might be just that. Lets see if op answers whenever he comes back.
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    @AleCx04 Its more the point i feel like work myself to death for pay that has been taxed to oblivion , while a lot of people getting paid for doing nothing the next 2 weeks. It wouldnt probably not had bothered me at all if my tax was that damn high and going to support all the people who are getting 2 weeks off.

    Also the last part is more of how of i feel the government is handling the entire coronavirus poorly.
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    @Frederick just be glad your company seems to have accounted for the tax jump. I think potentially you can take a loss if your close enough to either side of that imagina....

    let's just say a lot of things the government handles is done poorly. That rant could go on for days.
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