Hey guys!

I have been involved in several .net (.net core more recently) projects. Been studying C# for some time now... but i don't know... something bugs me that I should be going java instead.

What you guys think? Talking about corp. backend dev. C# (.net ASP.Net Core) or Java???

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    The fact this question is being asked tells me that alt.net is well and truly dead ☹️

    As much as I love C#, and have since its creation, I will say that the microsoft sphere is way too insulating. You should also learn Java, as a platform and a language. Also scala, and kotlin. And spring, and dagger. Knowing about them, what their communities and paradigms are doing will make you infinitely better.

    Don't stop there either; learn Ruby, go, rust, F#, Typescript and all sorts of things not out of Redmond. There's so much innovation you miss if you don't look up from the microsoft stacks 🙂It will have the added side effect of making you way more employable.
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    You're absolutely right... You managed to put in words what I was just thinking.Maybe that Microsoft "Bubble" is what is bothering me.
    Thx a lot!
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    With .Net Core being cross platform and more embracing of open source I think .Net will grow in popularity and is starting to move out of that bubble. Both C# and Java will likely be around for a long time so I wouldn't be worried about working with either.
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    Love the positivity, but the commits paint a story of consolidation and enterprise entanglement that only serves to deepen the tight coupling with VS tooling and a windows-first mentality that didn't exist with dotnet core before the ".net 5" branding change. They even delayed 3.0 so the visual studio teams and wsl integration could catch up.

    Waiting to see if Mads and Miguel stick around/survive.
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