So, the whole app thingy should consume a max of 500Mb Ram with everything from baremetal hardware to GUI, and maybe a simple dual core.

Problem is: Windows requires 4Gb Ram + dual/quad core to work. And the WPF Gui framework does not appear to be optimised.

The computer where this is going to be installed doesn't need to run anything else but this program. And i really wanted to use just a RPi/OPi. They're inexpensive, small, and powerful enough. But not enough to work with WPF.

I don't know if it's some predictive algorithm or stuff, but starting a simple login UI with 70Mb ram is really annoying, and getting to 120Mb in run-time just doesn't make sense.

I did consider developing for Linux but that would involve: Learning a new frontend framework (i hate frontend), convincing users to use linux, convincing users to buy RPi/OPi instead of MiniPCs etc...

I guess i'm just not going to evangelize resource efficiency at all. Not that my code is efficient, but i do try my best :x

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    Better hardware did help increase the speed of development, but it also came with slower code.

    I mean, old NES games had to do a whole wizardry thing to compose the maps while using Kbs of memory. The same game can now be a day of work in Processing, while not being efficient, it sure comes faster.

    Immediatism is kind of ingrained in everything, and it makes us loose so many resources. Not only in computers, but the whole pollution mess we are now is also a fruit of immediatism. Both for the sake of profit.

    Just some obsessive thoughts about efficiency i guess, might as well become Borg.
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    Is devving for Linux, but using a web-gui an Option?
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    If you wanted to run on RPi, you're gona use windows embedded. Then why are you using WPF instead of UWP, which is optimised especially to run on on such limited hardware?
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    @hitko Then the clients would need to have either Win 10 IoT or Win10, quite a bit of them run on Win7 and want to have the easiest deployment possible. So, the problem is that me wanting microdevices instead of miniPcs is just my geek side speaking, not what the client wants.
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    @metamourge you're talking about electron? i didn't consider it because if Node.js :x
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    Im talking about a web app, you access via a browser.
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    @metamourge Oh, it has to be able to function offline. It's a retail cashier system.
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    @Kashmir then what's hindering you to run it on local host?
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    @metamourge UX and performance mostly. Besides each machine should have their own database in case wifi dies, so that would mean it wouldn't get the benefits of dividing workload between server and client.

    Also if the machines run any browser, even a lightweight one, it would be about the same as a WPF app, at +100Mb. And if i use a custom browser it would probably use quite a bit of resources too.

    I think in general it would be kind of macgyverism.
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    @Kashmir Well Win 7 is EOL as of January, so they should update anyway...
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    @hitko Yeah they should, but even my computer at the company is Win7. Things just get updated slowly around here
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    What about using a custom module for WinPE 8 (x64)?
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    @melezorus34 according to this:

    It's kind of bad with WPF, but i'll give a shot at it with WinForms
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