I used the IDEs from jetBrains for the first time and
now I can't get back to THIS FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT SOFTWARE CALLED VSCODE why the fuck does jetBrains software cost more than 300€ for individual use? that is WAY too expensive AND WHY IS EVERY PIECE OF OPENSOURCE SOFTWARE ESPECIALLY IDEs such A PIECE OF FUCKING TRASH?? And now i can't work with vscode anymore. Now that I've used webstorm for a month I can't go back to the pain in the ass that is VSCODE AAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH

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    What about paying it on monthly basis?
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    Second year is cheaper, and third is cheaper as well. You can also run the student or open source startup discount route if you want.
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    What’s wrong with vscode?
    Also have you considered:
    - Atom
    - Write your own IDE
    - Buy more rubber ducks
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    His point seems to be he's become spoiled by webstorm's polish and integration, and doesn't want to go back to playing plug-in roulette.

    His preference at the end of the day. 🤷‍♀️
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    I agree, ides should not be payed. You are paying 300$ for a pimped up text editor
    But I strongly disagree for vscode. It's good
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    Is this some sort of peasant joke I'm too rich to understand?

    Kidding aside, people always blame. If it is too expensive for you then use free editors like vscode. If you really like it then pay that expensive price. You always hold people/things to the fire but you don't put yourself to the fire. You always complain. Deal with it.
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    There is a code on the JetBrains site buried in the source code, solve the puzzle get 3 months all products, do you need all the tools tho webstorm is not that much on its own
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    @gruff The effort required seems to be a waste of time that exists with the purpose of making you dependent on an expensive and overrated product after fooling the buyer into thinking they've been rewarded.
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    @Hypergeek it doesn’t take long and I was already paying for it so won’t say no to 3 months free, there is a lot I like in there, not the the vs code or visual studio are bad products but they lack some of the features
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    Loads of good points here, of course good code can be produced with any text editor even vim. I was just really pissed that the price for webstorm is so high. Vscode is okay but the stuff from jetbrains is just so much easier and more comfortable to use, that I got spoiled and I still think that vscode is more of a text editor with some extra features but not an IDE. Also there is an early access program from jetbrains which i did not know of which is free. I used Vscode for a long time and stumbled upon countless bugs. Developing larger projects with vscode is just no fun even though it is possible. It was kind of a stupid rant after all
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    @myss that is even more expensive
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    @Hypergeek I have done that for a few years now but it is just no fun. Way to much overhead with shitty plugins, countless bugs and sometimes weird behavior. Also really slow sometimes. But I agree that I might have over exaggerated a bit.
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    Meanwhile I get all of JetBrain's Pro products for free for 5 years lmao.

    You do know right that the community version basically has everything except database integration? The pro version isn't really worth it unless you really, really need those features.

    P.S. If you're feeling really risky and seriously don't have one on hand somehow, generate yourself an .edu email bro. It's not hard.
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    Maybe I just missed it. What feature does Webstorm have that VSCode doesn't? I'm only missing a couple of shortcuts because VSCode doesn't support "Shift+Shift"
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    VS Code is just a text editor, then you can add plugins on top of that but it's still a text editor fist and foremost.
    I personally found nothing the jetbrains ide can do that I can't w/ my terminal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @coder-guy all files you can diff their history even if not in source control, live templates are much better in JetBrains but not really had a chance to play with webstorm yet, was always happy with the experience in vscode for react/vue and typescript development so interested to see what others say
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    @MagicSowap that you can do it does not mean it is comfortable easy or sensible. I bet one could write every program in pure assembly but that doesn't mean HLLs are unnecessary
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    1. Get yourself intellij and install plugins.
    2. Wait 3 years.
    3. Get the upgrade to all products while maintaing your continues payment discount.
    4. ???
    5. Profit
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    IDEs are pretty shit all across the board. Resource intensive af. That is why I use pimped out versions of both Vim and Emacs with enough plugins to make them run with as much memory consumption as something from the jetbrains suite.

    I is smart.
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    Have you considered becomming a guinea pig? https://jetbrains.com/webstorm/...
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    @Wack yes I am one now
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    Jetbrains needs to get their shit together and either release a true community edition (free), or sell a fully-functional IDE for approx. $50 (max.)

    Otherwise, they'll eventually become the bitch, like Adobe is compared to Serif's Affinity Suite (Publisher/Designer/Photo.)
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