Me: *spends a few months solo coding some tool to do some amazing thing*

Me: *feeling proud, publishes it to Github/Reddit/etc. ready to show the world I did a thing*

Guy #1: Oh so this is like link: <anothertooljustlikethis>, but a bit different?

Me: *Clicks the link*

Me: *Sees a 3 year old repo with a few thousand commits, most recent 2 minutes ago, it has 400+ stars, 250 forks and a team of 20+ people working on it and a discord ofc*

Me: *wishing he looked harder months ago* "nO ThIs TOoL iS COmPleTeLY dIFfEREnT!"

Guy #2: Yo it won't even compile for me, it gives me <somebasicerrorididntcatch>

Also Guy #2 to Guy #1: Oh thanks I didn't know about <anothertooljustlikethis> it looks great!

Me: ... *trying to fix the basic error*

*Guy #1 Comment now at 46 upvotes, 2 gold etc.. my thread is at 2 upvotes*

Me: *deletes my repo*

Guy #3: Hey @me the repo link doesn't work

Guy #3 to Guy #1: Oh thanks for this dude, it works great!

Me: *Deletes everything I worked on, and stars the other repo*

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    Be proud of what you've made... Why even bother posting to reddit? I publish all my stuff on github but I very rarely advertise it anywhere.
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    I agree with the guy above me. Reddit is quite toxic, specially for such a sensitive subject you're working on for a while. Keep it online, i mean, it's good to have new options, imagine if every other programming language stopped being developed because JavaScript is more popular D:
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    Market research is normally a week's work. If you don't take it seriously that's fine, but in that case don't assume you're solving an existing and yet unsolved problem.
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    I did this program in Go that already exists in Python and NodeJS that connects with your email inbox and listen to some commands and run scripts on those cues and after a year or something somebody praised what I did.

    But generally I'm not doing stuff as you do...
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    Well at least we can be happy we only lost a few months because we're stupid rather than having success and getting sued back into the stone age for shitting on a MS/oracle/apple/2fucks Inc 10 years old patent.
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    Don't do that. I don't care how basic you think something is, someone else will find it useful.
    I took apart someone's pretty gui and stripped it off of almost everything, so that it could run on my system which it wasn't intended to work on, but now it does. I'm sure someone else has made a similar thing, they just never pushed it or deleted it because something fancier existed.
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    @NoMad actually some might say he made the right decision ditching it. Let's disregard the emotions involved with giving up something you worked your ass @ and consider instead how much time an user will invest to get it to work, fix eventual bugs and so on. If our goal is to minimize time (the ultimate resource) waste rather than collecting stars and points and likes and other shits, perhaps he's better off giving way to something established, tested & well functioning.

    It's still frustrating tho, can't deny that.
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    @molaram giving way, sure. Even I agree that he shouldn't reinvent the wheel and give up when you see something a tad better is available. But not deleting the repo. Leave the repo be. Abandon it. It may become useful for someone else.
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    @NoMad yeah you're right. I've found some interesting code snippets in some abandonware over the years. Not that it was worth the time tho.

    I think Github & others could use a tiny feature where random people would select bits of code from some repo and rate it. In case they don't have that already?

    Funny thought: authoring code starts to feel a bit like filing patent applications: got to spend 1892374891 years making sure someone hasn't already filed before you did.
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    You're salty because there's a maintained publicly available code that does what you need...?
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    Monoculture sucks. I often make similar tools because they are lighter weight or somehow address the problem in a more useful way. Republish the repo and delete the reddit stuff. Maybe even make a comment in the readme about it working similar to the other one but with a list of differences.

    You never know when your code will be better for someone searching for solutions. There is a reason that there is more than one framework, database engine, programming language that all do similar things. Feel proud of the code.
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    Everyone on reddit is too busy trying to appear smart for up votes than do anything else. The site's culture breeds these gatekeepers. Just publish it on Github and move on with your life. You're adding to humanity's biggest code repository. That's cool.
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    Don't delete based on a few salty redditors. I like having options.
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