This guy though.

So. I’m developing a program using Linux. The “Communications manager” of this company wants it done by Friday. I get it done by Thursday and push the source to Git, and email him the compiler. In a zip. A zip. On Linux. /r/madlads
Friday comes, this happens.
define string $ME, $CM
$CM: I’m very angry where is it! The thing you sent me doesn’t open!
$ME: Yeah, that’s the compiler, the source is on the git link I sent you in the email.
$CM: What git link? I need it today!
$ME: Open the email.
$CM: oh right 😅
$CM: I downloaded it unzipped it and the compiler still doesn’t open!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!1111111
$ME: *sigh* Use the command line.
$CM: What’s that?
$ME: /* Okay, they don’t know the command line. This won’t be to hard. */ What OS do you use?
$CM: Windows.
$ME: Open start, type cmd and hit return.
$CM: Oh no! The hacking window when glitches happen came up! It says C:\USERS\$CM.name\>!
$ME: *sighhhh* Where is the file stored?
$CM: On my desktop in a folder called work_resources.
$ME: type chdir C:\USERS\$CM.name\Desktop\work_resources\
$CM: ok
$ME: type compile.bat [blah blah blah stuff about my program]
$ME: It’s not! I wrote that program it’s fine!
$CM: Well ok whatever it did it finished.
$ME: Close the cmd and then go to the folder, go to builds and then double click 0015-[date].exe.
$CM: It’s got a weird window with weird symbols in it… then normal text “build library”
$ME: Uh…
$CM: You wrote the program for this and you don’t know how it works? Your so bad!!
$ME: … well…
$CM: Fix it!
$ME: Okay I’m remoted in and —
$CM: Aah! The virus you installed erased my wallpaper and a hacker is controlling my mouse!
$ME: No that’s me.
$CM: wow your such a good hacker well done!
$ME: well let’s take a look here —
His folder is full of thousands of files. I go into the folder and my remote software crashes.
$CM: There’s a blue screen with a sad face.
$ME: /* I shoulda known this from the beginning, his pc is from 1998 and he’s running like a million programs on it. On windows 10. */ I’ll email it later. Bye!
Nearly done, guys.
10 minutes later.
No caller id.
$ME: Hello?
$???: *creepy whispers* give us your file now.
$ME: *hangs up*
Weird. Anyway, I did email it to him and he says it works now. I think it took more than one program and compiled it. I still don’t know about the creepy whispers, I forget if you can edit rants on devRant, if not I’ll send an update via comment. That’s the end of this rant, I included the creepy whispers because it asked about a file and I was doing stuff for that guy so yeah. ✌️

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    Well, tbh, some of the problem lies with you. You expect someone to compile a program themselve on the command line? That's a very hard poweruser kind of thing to do.

    Maybe next time just make a release with a download to all the necessary binaries 😉
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    What fresh hell did you create for the poor guy??! How would a communications manager know how to compile from source? 😂😂 ... Seems like the poor guy even thought that it was his job to understand this. Not cool man! Not cool at all!
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    bro its literally a bat file everyone knows how to double click something
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