Companies going from "What do you mean by 'working from home'?!" to "Go home and work or you are fired!"

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    We're learning which meetings really could be emails.
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    @Stuxnet you'd hope...
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    Oh, the online meetings shitshow is just starting!
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    Today is the first time I've seen half the office missing for a single reason that's not a company event.

    I'm enjoying the peace and quiet already.
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    Dream of online meetings:

    1 hour of productive exchange of views..


    20 minutes whilst everyone gets their meeting app working..

    40 minutes of one person talking over the top of everyone else..

    Unless of course, its a text meeting, then everyone can get a say.

    Except folk who didn't learn to touch type..

    Or who have such a small screen, that they can only see the last two messages anyone wrote..
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    Not ours lol. Ours is on the "just wash your hands" train
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