Someone (probably a student) started a DDos attack on the online platform that my school uses to give us assignments.

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    I'll be honest, if that was my school, it'd probably be me.
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    It could be a natural DDoS - if the school is now remote and everyone logs in, the platform could be unable to handle the traffic.
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    I remember doing this in high school a few times...never told anyone but my friends certainly enjoyed the downtime.

    I had to stop after they pulled everyone into the library before dinner (it was a boarding school) and the dean said to everyone "we know who you are and what you're doing. You will be expelled if you don't stop." I think it was a bluff...but scared the shit outta me regardless.

    I'm glad kids are still being kids :)
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    @jbrandona119 Absolutely a bluff.
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    Boy be learning some new skills while exploring new interests lol
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