Bought something from the UK for just under €1000 about 2 weeks ago. Had to return it the same day because it was faulty when it arrived.

Finally got my refund today, LESS €120 EUROS thanks to fucking Coronavirus and the sinking sack of shit the Pound Sterling is!


I literally had this thing in my possession for not even THREE hours before I sent it back in priority post. I got a refund the same day it got delivered (today). Difference in pound when I got it (0.8411) vs. now (0.9521).

Holy fuck at this point I'd rather be sick! It's like wiping your ass with €100 and some change! Pissed away! Plus the worst thing is the seller doesn't feel a thing, he gets the exact same amount of money back. The only way he'd lose is if he uses that money to buy foreign currency (or an item in foreign currency). If he spends it at the local Costco he ain't lost shit.

Since when the fuck does FIAT currency float and sink as quickly as fucking Bitcoin!? FUUUCK!!! Fuck this shit, I buy everything now in Euros! No other country gets my money!

Hold up. Let me just run down to my money farm and grab some extra money off the money tree like they're doing in wallstreet right now!

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    Yep. My guys in the UK have asked if they can be paid in USD. I said yes if they can give me a USD account to deposit to.

    Bright side, I saved $1200 on payroll.
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    @SortOfTested smart move. I'll never trust fiat currency again.
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    This is normal for Australia lately
    Just today alone, I feel like I'm in a 3rd world country considering our $ was 1:1 with usd not so many years ago.
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    Since all states removed their gold backing. The exchange rates are based on demand of the currency you want to buy.
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    Buy gold, this is economical Armageddon. Worse than 1929 Black Friday. The 2008 crisis was just "fixed" by duct tape and pumping more money into the system and zero interest rate politics. Now all monetary politics measeures are depleted. And nobody has a clue on a clear path on how to fix this mess. Apart from doing the same shit again and in 10 years we're in even bigger trouble again.
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    @heyheni I wouldn't even invest in gold. If it's just a dip in the market your fine but after a full collapse, there's no guarantee that it will hold any value. It doesn't have any use other than circuitry and decoration and demand for the latter is liable to change dramatically if ppl find themselves without the time for frivolous thing.

    Sure you can always say its worth x amount but when it comes time to trade it for a loaf of bread, all that matters is how bad that individual wants the gold compared to whatever anyone else is offering for it.

    Personally, my investments go to tools, solar panels, batteries, farming equipment, parts and tools for that farming equipment, etc, etc. My not be a bad idea to buy a bow and a shotgun either.
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    Everything I know about gold tells me it's a bad idea to invest in gold. Everyone thinks that gold is a bubble that won't pop, but ultimately not enough people are interested in it.
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    People have been waging murder and war over gold for millennia, and there's little reason to assume this would change.

    Obviously, gold isn't that useful DURING a crisis, it's for AFTER the crisis. Also obviously, it is of no use if you assume that there won't be an "after" anymore because you think the crisis will be a permanent breakdown of all civilisation.
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    Says you, I'm only into gold for the nutritional value 😋
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    @Fast-Nop there are hundreds of different types of food there with gold. Gold has no nutritional value and is litterally shitted into the toilet.
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    party @stop er!
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    @heyheni its like foodcoloring. Did you never eaten a green strawberry bonbon?
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    @stop it! you're no fun 😄
    why you're so serious?
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