We were redesigning our template apps into a single one and I repeatedly said to our pm "don't get someone to merge all the old backends into a single api get them to build it up with the new front end"

They ignored me now I have to spend goodness knows how long fixing it because the requirements for the new fe are completely different and it's all broken.

Not to mention it was rushed converted from js to typescript and nothing is typed.

Its going to be a fun Monday.

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    Is it more work to fix this than redo the api with GraphQL?
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    @vorticalbox could you calculate a cost benefit analysis with a clear path with deadlines, so to convince the higher ups?

    "With this measeure we will be meeting our goal x times faster at a x amount of saved hours and cost. It is in line with our company philosophy to encourage innovation. With this technology we are able to innovate and bring products to market faster. Which gives us an edge over our competitors. The potential longterm cost earnings/savings amount to x."

    you may want to read up the term "opportunity cost" It will help you sell this thing.
    Opportunity cost - Wikipedia
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    You can't just convince higher ups you need to rewrite something. Especially if that something is fairly new. You'd be trying to convince them they made a bad decision. Plus, it's very hard for them to get that you can't easily bolt some new features on or patch up something that, as far as they can tell, works fine.

    I'm also constantly annoyed that non technical people are instinctively drawn in the opposite direction of the Unix philosophy. They're always trying to sell that one app that does everything you need
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