Wow, for some people who are all stuck at home under quarantine you guys are kinda dead tonight. Almost feel like we need to make roll call just to check on everyone.

Anyway it seems like it would be rather patronizing to do a big speech again this year so I'll save it. However I do still feel obligated to note that old man winter has officially passed and spring is now upon us.

So if you thought to stop by the liquor store while you were out grabbing rations last week and you've managed to not drink it all by now then join me in saying a farewell to the fish, for she was a bitch this year, and let's give a toast to the ram, may his stubbornness bring about a bit of good news despite it all.


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    🥃 Happy Birthday 🎉
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    Cheers, mate
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    Happy birth anniversary!
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    Happy birthday, sending some hookers your way. I tried to buy some alcohol and fries for game night but I woke up "too late". It's almost 6PM and the stores are closed.
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    Thanks guys

    @rutee07 I got plenty of alcohol. Be sure to tell them not to put on the police outfit. Elvis panicked last time and flushed all the blow down the toilet.

    Most of it anyway, think he swallowed a bit tearing the bag open. Little fucker humped all their legs a couple times then ran outside chasing squirrels for few hours.
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    FX [ Waves in a friendly manner from far far away . . ]
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