So fed up with this "Linux is hard to handle"-bull. If you want to do things the hard way, sure. But if you install a normal distribution like Ubuntu it's as close to "just works" as I have seen. Sure if you want to compile everything yourself into your perfect system it can be hard, but on windows or mac that's not hard, it's impossible.

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    I actually enjoy Ubuntu and Kali both, and they're similar since they're both Debian based. Ubuntu definitely has a more polished feel as a general PC and Kali has great tools.
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    yep, alot of setups now days are like ubuntu though. unless you download a minimal os you can have linux running as quick as 30 minutes if you have a good connection. the problem I see is that linux doesn't come installed from the store so everyone thinks it's hard
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    Absolutely, that is the case generally. But here I would not expect that angle sooo often :-)
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    @Ubbe yeah I expect more from developers than I do end users lol, but alot of us still fall into the same traps as the general public unfortunately. but as long as I don't hear about a developer saying "linux made me drop out of college" I can cope. but it would have been nice to be on camera with that girl cause I would have said something smart about her dropping out cause she's barley smart enough to run a cash register at McDonald's lol
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    I cant handle ubuntu either. But then again i have been on rhel, yellow dog and fedora all my life. I just hate aptget so much.
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    I can understand that, I personally dislike Centos. But then I doubt you hate Ubuntu because it is "hard"?
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    @Ubbe I don't hate Ubuntu, i know for a fact that i like Unity on Ubuntu when i replace ap-get with dnf/yum, problem is that not everything works and its more hassle then it is worth.

    Oh and there are some other issues that I have with standard instalations, but nothing that can be mended. The problem with that is that I do a clean format every 3 months and going making everything work they way i want it is just so much less work on Fedora than on Ubuntu.

    PS: I wouldn't use Centos on a desktop either ;)
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    @DarkMukke (Think I got the camel's right this time...)
    To each his own, choice is a great thing. I have not tried Centos on a desktop, but I have at times been forced to use/install servers with it. I liked it about as much as you like apt. But still it's doubtless OK, just not my preference. And when you care alot about how things are set up then small things feel big.
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    I do remember when I tried Ubuntu a couple of years ago. There was a thread on the Ubuntu forum about how to get a newer version of OpenOffice (LibreOffice hadn't happened at that time) than the 18 months old one in the repo. The thread was about 5 pages long. So much for "just works".

    Anyway, it was better than the 20 pages of "How to install VMWare Server"-thread on the same forum (years ago,, when there still was a VMWare Server product). I actually got that working after 2.5 days, only to realize that I just spend one weekend and half a Monday on something that takes 10 minutes on Windows.

    Having said that, I *do* use Linux on 3 Raspberry Pi:s and my router. It's quite good for applications where you can invest time, e.g. OpenVPN, but there's a reason non geeks don't use it.
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    Well, yeah. Experience will vary. But every time I have anything to do with windows it takes a long time and is painful. The one win install in my household is my son's gaming rig. He had friends over to play FIFA 17 the other day. Win10 decided to start upgrading itself. It took hours and three reboots for it to count up to 100℅ and then it asked for a bit of patience. On a AMD FX 6300. Just doesn't work. And junk never will.
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    @jckimble I'm pretty certain I would have dropped out of college without Linux. My mother gave me a work laptop she wasn't using anymore, so naturally I nuked it with a fresh Windows install. But that left me without any drivers, including the wireless drivers! So I just said "fuck it" and installed Ubuntu. To my own shock and awe, everything just worked (with the exception of the Optimus video card, which... Man, bad memories)

    Long story short, few years later and I will throw a fit if I have to edit text anywhere other than vim.
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    I kinda hate ubuntu. I use blender3d in windows and it runs fine. On ubuntu it crashes often. Also when I try to use eclipse for making java/android app, it's very hard to configure correctly
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