I just found out that my uncle and aunt have got coronavirus. My cousins now are at my grandparents. I am scared because me and my dad have athsma, so we are pretty much in danger. All I want to say is:
stay home, this shit is real

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    @sweetnothings I hope he gets better!
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    Stay home and be safe.

    Are you guys facing disruptions in food supply ?
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    @cprn they have fever and mostly fear, so maybe it is just a flu, and I hope so
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    @Nanu luckily no, we just cannot find hand sanitizers. Only potatoes and flour are missing
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    Really guys? COVID-19 is „not just a flu“ it cant even be „just a flu“ as flu is short for influenza which is a completely different kind of virus.

    Even in light cases your lungs get damaged forever. In worse cases you get severe lung damage that propably won’t ever heal and if it’s a really bad case you end on an icu or in a coffin.
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