I didn't write any code in the past 2 days is this normal for u guys?

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    It's somewhat normal to me. I work on a team responsible for maintaining a well established Java EE application server and I'm more of a junior developer, so a great part of my time is spent reading bugs and understanding the code, through reading and debugging, before I can write a single line of code.
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    @LaSombra even senior will do the same. Shit code is shit.
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    i do, except the red is time spent on devRant
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    Usual day for most of the developers
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    I didn't write a single line of code for the last month, all day long I scoop shitty code to fix sooner one else's bugs. I lately have a feeling that my TL is playing "find the treasure" with me, he fucks up the code, I have to find where and what...
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    I spent the entire day trying to understand legacy code. The only code I wrote was in the last 2hrs where I refactored one method. HTML rendering on server side in PHP using a homemade framework written 8 years ago can be a bitch.
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    Missing slices for:
    - reading similar but unrelated problems on Stack Overflow.
    - expressing frustrations on devRant.
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    @simeg hahahaha I understand you, will u feel incompetent?
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    @eldy yes it makes me feel incompetent. Then I speak to my colleagues about the code base and we all feel the same about it, so then I usually feel better :)
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